What is MultiEconomy?

MultiEconomy is a plugin that is the first of it’s kind. As a server owner, have you ever wanted to have a specific economy/currency for regular players and then another economy/currency for donators? That’s just a simple example. With MultiEconomy you can create an unlimited amount of economies/currencies on your server.

Core Features:

  • Unlimited amount of economies
  • The plugin will automatically handle implementing storage handling for new economy types whenever you create a new one
  • Easy API to hook into
  • PlaceholderAPI Placeholders (%multieconomy_amount_<economy>%)
  • MVdWPlaceholderAPI Placeholders ({placeholderapi_multieconomy_amount_<economy>})
  • Great support

Developer API:

/mebalance <player> <economy>
/mebalances <player>
/meset <player> <economy> <amount>
/mereset <player> <economy>
/megive <player> <economy> <amount>
/metake <player> <economy> <amount>
/mepay <player> <economy> <amount>
/metop <economy>


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