The Guilds Plugin was created to offer an RPG type system to servers. It was inspired by players like you who enjoy creating a fun and exciting environment for your server. Guilds allows players to join interactive groups of other players, forge their own communities on your server, and compete with other guilds for dominance and control.

Guilds was written with the thought of all types of servers in mind. It’s made and ready to support any type of server you throw at it. With constant updates containing more optimization and configurable options along with new features, this plugin is always up to date and ready to use.

The best part is that you can customize this RPG experience on your server. Don’t like one of the features? You don’t have to use it! Simply make a config change or remove a permission node and that feature won’t work in the plugin!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to set off on a journey in the world of Minecraft using this new style of RPG.

Want to test it out yourself? Join the test server!

Running on Thermos / KCauldron modded 1.7.10? (Ignore the steps below if you aren’t)

  1. You must switch from ASM4 to ASM5 (tutorial)
  2. Download the config.yml (link)
  3. Download that and put it in the Guilds folder in your plugins folder (as the config will not generate on its own)
  4. Configure the plugin to use MySQL instead of JSON (at the bottom of the config)
  5. MySQL is REQUIRED for it to work.

Fully Customizeable roles which allow for greater flexibility and specialization for your server. For Example: You can change the name of the Guild Master rank to King, or Lord. Additionally, you can also customize the permissions for each role in the plugin’s config file.

Guild Tiers which can allow users to level up their guild in order to allow more perks such as more members in the guild or double mob exp dropping. There can be unlimited tiers, it’s all up to you.

Guild Claims which allow guilds to have their own land to build on without the worry of others stealing it!

Guild Bank which allow you as a community to save up money in your bank!

Customizeable prefixes which allow you to customize a player’s guild prefix to provide for a greater sense of identity/allegiance to said guild.

MySQL support which allows you to save most of the plugin data across servers so it can be used with Bungeecord! Note: Not all data is saved in MySQL.

Guild Vaults which allow players to store items in their Vault that’s accessible by all other members in the Guild, allowing them to further work as a team on your server.

Guild Buffs which allow you to buy special buffs for your guild for a certain amount of time.

Multi-language support which allow you to use this plugin even if you aren’t an English speaking server! The plugin currently supports English, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Hungarian, Russian, Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese, with more being added constantly by the help of the community!

Custom placeholders which support PlaceholderAPIMVdWPlaceholderAPI, and Essentials (must have EssentialsChat).

PlaceholderAPI Placeholders: %Guilds_name%, %Guilds_prefix%, %Guilds_master%, %Guilds_member_count%, %Guilds_members_online%, %Guilds_role%, %Guilds_tier%, %Guilds_balance%, %Guilds_upgrade_cost%, %Guilds_tier_name%

To make the PlaceholderAPI work you MUST use the command
/papi ecloud download Guilds

MVdWPlaceholderAPI Placeholders: {guild} (or {guild_name} ), {guild_prefix}, {guild_master}, {guild_member_count} {guild_members_online}, {guild_role}, {guild_tier}, {guild_balance}, {guild_upgrade_cost}, {guild_tier_name}


ServerListPlus Placeholders: %guild_name%, %guild_master%,
%guild_member_count%, %guild_members_online_count%, %guild_status%, %guild_prefix%, %guild_role%, %guild_tier%, %guild_bank_balance%, %guild_tier_name%, %guild_members%

Vault integration allows you to set a price on how much it costs to make a guild or how much it cost to set a guild home. This plugin works with AND without Vault.

Auto-check which prompts the server owner to update the plugin whenever a new update is released here on Spigot.

Guild Chat filter which lets all players within a specific guild use their own unique guild chat which can only be viewed by people in said guild.

Guild List which allows you to display information about all the guilds on your server via GUI.

Scoreboard support which allows you to hook the plugin’s placeholders into any scoreboard plugin that supports PlaceholderAPI or MVdWPlaceholderAPI (Featherboard).

Almost fully customizable in order to allow you to style the look and feel of the plugin to your needs for your server.

Guild Signs which allow you to make an invite sign where ever you place the sign just by setting the first line to [Guild]

Custom Tablist which allows you to show your guild in the tablist!

All commands and permissions can be found on the Wiki here.

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